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2007 Shawnee District Pinewood Derby Race

2008 Pack 4 Pinewood Derby
2008 Shawnee PWD District Race
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I would like to than all who attended and those who raced in the Shawnee District Championships this year. Although anything that could go wrong stuck it out and were there for your kids. We have ran many races without a single glitch. It had to happen sooner or later and tonight was definitely the night for gremlins.. I appreciate those who came up to me with their kind words. I also appreciate that not a single soul came to me and complained.

Once the racing got started it was fast and competitive. Some of the overall positions were determined by 10,000ths of a second. The kids were full of smiles...especially those who took home the hardware. I do have to mention that our flier stated that the Championship races would start at 7:30. They actually started at 7:25. I did not think that was going to happen. I guess all is well that ends well but again I appreciate your understanding. This is why St. Agnes is proud to be a part of the Shawnee District community.

I can’t thank my crew at St. Agnes enough for their volunteer efforts. Their dedication far exceeds my expectations every time. It was also great to meet Robert Thomas our new District Executive. I think I’m going to need a few days off. Thanks again and keep on racing!

David Fisher

Race Coordinator

Results are listed below.

Shawnee District Pinewood Derby 2007

Overall speed:

Racer Pack Avg. Speed in seconds

1. Joe Fisher 4 2.5412

2. John Paul Blessinger 179 2.6079

3. Scott Morrison 42 2.6084

4. Jackson Norris 4 2.6222

5. Zack Wernert 4 2.6473

6. Max Jones 67 2.6548

7. Derek Cornwell 67 2.6587

8. Quintin Wright 42 2.6620

Webelos in order of finish

Racer Pack

Max Jones 67

Quintin Wright 42

Michael Rueff 4

Cartier Cooper 518

David Becker 43

Ryan Hardin 55

Ryan Coleman 43

Kristoffe Wilson 994

Will Ringberg 40

Christopher Grossman 518

Trenton Brown 17

Harrison Downs 179

Brian Cucullu 179

Joshua Russell 994

Brenton Western 837

Kevin Nealy 837

Nathan Turner 837

Nicholas Turner 837

Robert Simpson 994

Bears in order of finish

Racer Pack

Joe Fisher 4

Zack Wernert 4

Luke Floden 40

Chase Rothman 55

Alan Fletcher 597

Tommy Kron 856

Dylan Merritt 518

Mason Gandone ??

Zachary Bleuel 334

Darron Donahue 116

Wolves in order of finish

Racer Pack

Scott Morrison 42

Jackson Norris 4

Aric Whitehead 55

Noah Smith 40

Dustin Hollenkamp 334

Sam Ector 17

Nicholas Koenig 67

Zach Thomas 334

Will Stern 143

Ben Lally 67

Gus Clenny 43

Michael Koch 179

Cody Auxier 856

Jacob Frits 17

Tigers in order of finish

Racer Pack

John Paul Blessinger 179

Derek Cornwell 67

Nick Zamchi 143

Alex Feller 4

Blake Rothman 55

Keagan Gates 42

Hunter Williamson 334

Dhane Harrison 40

Peter Koch 179

Cameron Miles 827

Darvin Morre 994

New track and District race Record
Joe Fisher- Single run of 2.5298 seconds 

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2006 Shawnee District Pinewood Derby Results