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2007 Shawnee Sub-District championships

2008 Pack 4 Pinewood Derby
2008 Shawnee PWD District Race
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Here are the results from the Shawnee Sub-District race held February 24th, 2007 at the Midwest Church of Christ- 2115 Garland Av. Pack 4 is proud to have supplied assistance in this race. We were able to provide use of a track and race administration.

Overall Speed:

1st Cartier Cooper       avg time:  2.6744 
2nd Alan Fletcher                           2.6746
3rd Zachary Bleuel                         2.6853   
4th John Savage                             2.7279

Tiger Division:

1st Hunter Williamson
2nd Roger Lowe
3rd Kyle Cahoe
4th Joshua Sander

Wolf Division

1st Zachary Thomas
2nd Dustin Hollencamp
3rd Kevin Carpenter
4th William Davis

Bear Division

1st Alan Fletcher
2nd Zachary Bleuel
3rd John Savage
4th Desmond Milliner-Bryant

Webelos Division

1st Cartier Cooper
2nd Kristoffe Wilson
3rd Dylan Wright
4th Jodhua Russell

Pack Champions

32   John Savage
334   Zachary Bleuel
518   Cartier Cooper
597   Alan Fletcher
827   Desmond Milliner-Bryant
837   Nathan Turner
87   Jordan Embers
994   Kristoffe Wilson

Congratulations to all of the racers for a job well done! Special thanks to Richard Curry the event organizer and the many many volunteers who worked at the event. A special thanks to Kent Wernert Pack 4 and Molly & Joseph Fisher for helping us run this race.
Thanks to all,
David Fisher